Technical data

The old one.
Vehicle Indentification Number Information
1977 Ford Granada Ghia, 2dr sedan

302 CID, 8-Cylinder 2V, unit number 295,717 assembled in Mahwah, New Jersey, USA
Dataplate Sticker Information
Manufactured in August 1977, this 2dr sedan Ghia (Code 66K) was painted Cream (Code 6P). Trim Level included Gold and Cream Vinyl Flight Bench Seats.

Equipped with XP (C-4) automatic transmission.

Information as of: September 2004

Owner: Henrik Baun
Location: Denmark
Owned Since: 1999

Mileage: Unknown
Condition: Drives Well
Originality: Some Modifications

Accessories Included: Power Steering, Power Front Disc Brakes, Bumper Protection Group, Rear Window Defroster, Manual A/C, AM/FM Monaural Radio, All Around Tinted Glass, Front License Plate Bracket.


The new one

Vehicle Identification Number Information
1977 Ford Granada Sport Coupe, 2dr sedan

302 CID, 8-Cylinder 2V, unit number 243,758 assembled in Wayne, Michigan, USA
Dataplate Sticker Information
Scheduled for production on May 26, 1977 (Sch Date=26E), this Granada 2dr sedan (Code 66H) was painted Cream (Code 6P) with an Odense vinyl roof molded in Cream (Code NV). Interior trim included Sports Coupe Performance Vinyl Buckets molded in Cream (Code PV).

Equipped with C-4 automatic transmission (Code W), 2.47 convention axle (Code B) and Ford factory-installed integral air conditioning (Code A).

This vehicle was originally sold in Dallas (DSO=52).

Information as of: July 2005

Owner: Don Kurtz
Location: Enid, Oklahoma
Owned Since: June 2005
Mileage: 69,000 miles

The paint is in good condition, but does have approximately 10-15 spots that have been touched up. This car runs, looks and drives great!

Originality: Unknown

Accessories Included:
Spring Sports Coupe Package, automatic on the floor. Bucket seats, sport steering wheel, rally wheels with new tires, A/C




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