US Trip  # 2.  Last update 15. December.


My trip starts tomorrow Thursday 22. september. I leave Billund and goes to Dallas. Below here, there will come pictures from my trip of the new car and some of the nice people I have to visit.


Enid, Oklahoma.




These tree pictures show the new car how it looks in Enid, Oklahoma.


Fort Worth, Texas.




These tree pictures has Gary made next to his home in Forth Worth



  Thursday, September 22.

Hallo readers of this page. Henrik is now on his way to London, He left DK early this morning. For the next many days, I'll update the page when Henrik is sending pictures and messages home. You guys as he will be together with, are very welcome to send home pictures and what ells you'll find interesting. If you have further interesting things, please send them in. You'll find my adress in the bottom at the envelope. Greetings Tommy/webmaster.

  Friday. September 23.

Just recieved a message from Henrik. He is now on the hotel.

At the page, refurbishment, press the picture showing Lars Cheif mecanic, to see pictures of Lars' car.

  Saturday. September 24.

Hallo readers. This morning I just recieve new pictures from the trip.



The car in front of Gary\s house



Rented car outside the hotel.



Gary and the new car in the hangar.




Gary, a happy man who has been a very good help for Henrik.







Happy Henrik!!!



Changing tires.




Back at the hangar.

  Sunday. September 25.

Just recieved a mail from Henrik. He's on his way from Dallas to Buffalo New York. There he will be picked up by another new friend, Jeff. Those two guys has to go to koncert tomorrow, in Toronto. Rolling Stones are rocking the city. Guess it will be very good. More news later...

Toronto, Canada


  Wednesday 28. September. Pictures from Toronto. A big mess right now, but the story is on tomorrow.


A piece of Denmark in Toronto



" stones place for drinks" with Benjamin and Colleen before the concert.



Study Stones gold & platin records.



drinking Carlsberg



The barmaid at the Stones Place



Colleen & Benjamin in front of Stones Place



Rolling Stones Concert in Rogers center, Toronto



just before...



The Rolling Stones



The Rolling Stones



The Rolling Stones



The Rolling Stones



The Rolling Stones



The Rolling Stones



After the stones concert


  After the stones concert


After the stones concert



Benjamins Monarch



Benjamin's house



Nov.12. Benjamin just send me this picture, so that we can see his nice house better than on the picture before this.




Benjamin's car




Jeff's house



Jeff's car


World record! 1. time four members (Granada freaks!!) are meeting each other at the same time.


Where els







A small one between giants.
End of travel. The car at the shipping company. Now it has to go by ship to DK.
And so, it became Christmas. The car has arrived Denmark


It was on a sunny December morning that Henrik and Erling left Esbjerg by train to Aarhus. The ship and container has arrived to Aarhus and it was time to pick up the car. When they arrive to the store house at the harbour, the car was allready out and allmost ready to go.

A short but very expensive visit at the customers house, and then home to Esbjerg.

Then I arrived to making pictures, it was allready dark outside, so therefor, you can only see some garage pictures, enjoy them as well as the small garage meeting going on.


Two of them...
The new one, and the old one in the background
Something went wrong during the transport. But this was fortunately the only damage.
Nice looking, no rust at all...
The original numberplate
Henrik, A happy man.